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Risk management is a key consideration when it comes to tree ownership. Under your duty of care you must ensure that your trees remain safe. To help you achieve this, Advanced Arboriculture can provide a Quantified Tree Risk Assessment service, which can then be used to create reports and to inform decisions on tree management. 

There are many methods of evaluating risk but the most consistent and comprehensive recognised method is QTRA. This allows an arborist or a consultant to consider not only the condition of a tree, but also its size and immediate surroundings before quantifying the risk of that tree causing harm to persons or property.

Using this method, our consultants can provide practical, tailored advice in an easy to use format. In one recent case study, by using the QTRA method our consultants were able to help protect an ancient veteran oak tree, preserving it for hopefully generations to come. Although the tree was suffering from decay, by reducing the weight of the crown the risk posed by the tree was dramatically reduced and the tree itself was preserved. You can read more about this interesting case on Dartmoor Tree Surgeons’ blogpost here.

There is further detailed information on the QTRA website or you can contact either of our QTRA Registered Users, Graham and Tom to discuss your needs.