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Trees are inevitably an emotive issue, whether on a proposed development site or simply because they have reached a stage where they can no longer be safely retained. Any projects involving trees can generate high levels of public and press interest. Whether you need to remove a dangerous but highly visible tree, or the manage trees on a development site, it is important to consider your response to any queries or complaints. Issuing press releases or preparing interpretation boards can completely change the public perception of tree removals or tree surgery.

Advanced Arboriculture recognises the damage that negative publicity can cast on a project. We are able to assist in the production of press releases and supply high quality images or video footage (often captured from unusual positions) for inclusion in newspaper articles, websites and publicity documents. We recommend that any press releases are prepared well in advance but will always work with a client to produce reactive documents as necessary. We are also happy to provide expert testimonials and to answer questions from the public where necessary.

The image below is an example of one we produced as part of the Exmouth Strand Gardens project (click on the image to see it at a greater size).

Exmouth Strand Gardens