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It is often difficult to determine the development potential of a site which has one or many trees on it, and the expense of commissioning a full BS5837 survey and topographic survey can be prohibitive. A pre-development site appraisal is a significantly more cost-effective means of evaluating what potential a site may have, and what likely arboricultural constraints may exist. We meet the client and/or architect on site and give some initial indicative clearances, as well as identifying trees which are not likely to be a constraint.

These meetings are charged by the hour at our regular schedule of rates, and depending on whether a project has potential, we can give you a fixed fee proposal for the preparation of all the remaining survey and documentation that you will need for your planning application.

Whether a project progresses or not, this service has been rated very highly and judged to be excellent value for money by clients who have used it. Please contact us for further details.

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