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Advanced Arboriculture’s consultants have a very broad knowledge base and are able to supply expert advice on all tree related matters. The consultancy also has a proven track record of working with other professionals and disciplines to ensure that every project is completed to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Some of the services we are able to provide include:

British Standard 5837:2012 Surveys

Please visit the following page for additional information: British Standard 5837:2012 Surveys

Tree Protection Plans and Arboricultural Site Supervision

Please visit the following page for additional information: Tree Protection Plans and Arboricultural Site Supervision

Tree Condition Surveys

Whether addressing individual trees near houses for insurance purposes, or extensive roadside inspections, Advanced Arboriculture is able to provide an inspection regime that is tailored to the client’s needs. Scaled methodologies allow for large scale inspections to be undertaken effectively and economically.

Advanced Arboriculture/Dartmoor Tree Surgeons hold the contract for professional tree inspections on many Devon County Council owned properties including schools, offices, woodlands and farms which are inspected on a rolling three year programme. This includes emergency tree inspections for Devon County’s Highways Department on an ad hoc basis, providing immediate advice where potentially dangerous trees have been identified.

Contact us to discuss the different tree condition survey options which exist, including Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA), and how we are able to tailor these to your specific needs.

Rooting Distribution Surveys

Please visit the following page for additional information: Rooting Distribution Surveys

Mortgage Reports

Mortgage reports can be produced for one or many trees. There is often a need for these kinds of reports to be produced at short notice and Advanced Arboriculture will make every effort to meet your deadline and your lender’s requirements.

Ecological Surveys

Advanced Arboriculture is able to undertake full climbing inspections of trees to establish the presence of bats or nesting birds. Whilst we are unable to provide bat handling in-house at the present time, we maintain working relationships with licensed bat handlers and are able to provide this specialist service as required.

Veteran Tree or Woodland Management

Employing expert advice is essential when managing veteran trees or woodlands. Advanced Arboriculture’s consultants have degree level expertise in woodland management and are leading experts in veteran tree management. These skills and experience have been deployed very effectively on large scale utility projects.

New Planting Advice

Advanced Arboriculture advises on planting schemes ranging from single trees to entire woodlands. We are also able to work with Dartmoor Tree Surgeons to ensure that new trees are responsibly and economically sourced and planted to the highest standards.

Independent Standards Inspections

For clients who enter into short or long term arboricultural or forestry contracts, Advanced Arboriculture is able to provide independent auditing of all aspects of contract work, including health and safety and quality assurance, ensuring that it complies with current good practice. This can include the scheduling of unannounced safety inspections or post-completion checks.

Property Management

Advanced Arboriculture provide full arboricultural advice for a number of property management companies and larger landholders, including independent schools and businesses. This includes general tree care, tree surveys and inventory for insurance purposes, safety advice and nuisance abatement. Please visit our dedicated pages for either property management or for schools, academies and universities.

Appeal Hearings

Please visit the following page for additional information: Appeal Hearings

General Professional Advice

With a proven track record in many areas of professional arboriculture, our consultants have been invited to contribute to a number of national technical forums, including health and safety and good practice. Graham Joyce is currently a member of the Arboricultural Association’s R2 Project Management Committee

Press Releases and Public Consultaion

Please visit the following page for additional information: Press Releases and Public Consultation

Prince2 Project Intergration

Advanced Arboriculture’s Tom Hurley is a qualified Prince2 Practitioner and we are able to work effectively within a Prince2 project environment.