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Advanced Arboriculture operates a comprehensive Environmental Policy which complements its customer focus and efficiency.

We deliver our reports electronically as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents, ensuring that they can be immediately viewed and used consistently by all members of a project team. Hard copies are only supplied when requested.

Although in many cases it is necessary to travel to site by car, we aim to use rail wherever practicable for longer journeys.

Our offices are constructed from low carbon emission materials and using ecologically sound techniques. We heat them using logs produced as a by-product of Dartmoor Tree Surgeons‘ activities.

Where possible Advanced Arboriculture’s reports identify opportunities for the retention and reuse of felled trees or pruned material within a project. We also provide practical recommendations for ecological conservation, diversity and enhancement.

We work closely with a range of partners to ensure a consistent level of service across our respective disciplines, and we are able to project manage all of a scheme’s environmental needs if required.