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Advanced Arboriculture believes that sharing knowledge with the range of professions associated with any project, from development to land management, improves efficiency, project quality and the fluency of joint working.

We have produced a number of Continuing Professional Development seminars which we are able to present at a client’s offices or third party venue. We can also supply a data projector and handouts in PDF format.

Contact us for further details of our available seminars, including times and dates when these seminars will be run centrally to allow smaller practices and sole traders to attend.

CPD Seminar: Trees on Development Sites – A Working Guide

Advanced Arboriculture’s CPD seminar, Trees on Development Sites – A Working Guide has been developed specifically for architects, technicians, planners (both local authority and independent) and any other professionals involved in the development and construction sectors.

During the course of our consultancy works we have observed that the British Standard 5837 process is widely misunderstood and often seen as an impediment to effective site layout design. Our own application of the British Standard across a large number of sites, from small property extensions to large industrial scale projects, has demonstrated that when used correctly it is actually a valuable design tool. In fact, there are many examples where the arboricultural survey has resulted in a net gain in available development land.

The seminar lasts approximately an hour so is ideally suited to lunchtime CPD sessions. In it you will cover the following information:

  • An introduction to trees on development sites;
  • Legal constraints, including plain English descriptions of tree related legislation;
  • A summary of British Standard 5837:2012;
  • A walk-through of British Standard 5837 including descriptions of the separate documents it produces, and their relevance to the design process;
  • A guide to how architects can undertake their own very basic tree assessment;
  • No-dig technologies which may allow limited construction in close proximity to trees;
  • Tree protection measures;
  • Practical advice on satisfying the needs of local planning authority arboricultural officers;
  • Several worked examples;
  • Questions and answers session.

Course notes will be sent in advance as PDF files, including easy reference charts for on-site use.

If you would like any further information on these seminars, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We found the CPD from Advanced Arboriculture to be very informative and we will definitely use what we learnt in future projects” 

Matt Hanna, Architect, CaSA Architects

“The CPD Tom kindly provided for our practice was engaging and informative. The information was practical and applicable, aiding our understanding of how an arboricultural consultant can contribute and support the design process and execution of project at construction stage. Of particular interest was the explanation of a typical tree report and how we can interpret the information to inform design development.”

Rachel Collins, Director and Senior Architect, NDM Collins Architects Ltd.

British Standard 5837 CPD Seminar