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BS 5837:2012 is a British standard on recommendations for trees in relation to design, demolition and construction. It provides recommendations relating to tree care, with a view to achieving a harmonious and sustainable relationship between new and existing structures and their surrounding trees.

The standard 1APP planning application form now requires a tree survey to be carried out for all developments where trees are present. In fact, many local planning authorities are no longer even validating applications where a BS 5837 survey is not submitted with the application.

Advanced Arboriculture produces clear, concise BS 5837 surveys and reports that meet the needs of the developer and the local planning authority tree officers. These are supplied electronically in PDF format for speed of delivery and easy sharing within a project team. All plans are produced in-house using AutoCAD.

Advanced Arboriculture encourages the use of pre-application meetings to provide guidance for developers and architects on maximising effective site use without encroaching into the root protection areas of retained trees. This iterative approach includes advice on engineering solutions and new landscaping in mitigation for tree loss.

British Standard 5837:2012 Arboricultural Drawing