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An Arboricultural Clerk of Works, or ACoW, performs a similar role to the Ecological Clerk of Works. ACoWs fulfil an advisory and reporting role, focused on caring for and protecting the existing trees on a site. An ACoW can provide you with guidance and advice before, during and after construction and across all aspects related to trees.

Acting as your ACoW, we can:

  • Attend site to perform inspections and audits
  • Provide advice and guidance on managing and protecting the trees on site
  • Assess the compliance of a site to the required tree protection measures and any other associated planning conditions
  • Prepare written records of site visits which can then be distributed to all concerned parties
  • Notify the local Tree Officer where necessary and generally act as a liaison between the local authority and the contractor on all matters concerning trees
  • Provide assistance with press releases and public consultation events

ACoWs are immensely useful for contractors who are ecologically minded and keen to preserve and protect the trees on their sites. Having an ACoW on board can not only demonstrate a contractors’ commitment to creating a development with high amenity value and low ecological impact, but can also simplify and speed up the planning process by meeting and exceeding the requirements set by the local planning authority. Our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants can be on hand throughout your project as an Arboricultural Clerk of Works – contact us today to discuss your needs!