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Much of Advanced Arboriculture’s specialist consultancy work relates to trees on development sites. Inevitably, we have found ourselves recommending similar specifications on repeated sites. Rather than charge clients time and time again for similar information, we have produced a series of Arboricultural Guidance Sheets which we can refer to as necessary within our reports.

Because the Arboricultural Guidance Sheets are all stored as PDF files, we can also quickly email them over to clients, even from site, thus saving considerable time and money.

Our Arboricultural Guidance Sheets cover a range of specialist areas including:

  • Protective fencing specifications (variations on the specifications detailed within British Standard 5837 for use where the standard specification is considered to be unduly onerous);
  • No-dig road and pathway specifications;
  • Ground protection solutions which allow construction vehicles to work or travel within the root protection area of retained trees.

No-dig Arb Guidance Sheet

While it is, of course, necessary to have the specifications detailed within our Arboricultural Guidance Sheets checked by a suitably qualified structural engineer, the principle of the specified detail does allow for the local planning authority to issue a consent subject to the provision of an acceptable Tree Protection Plan and Arboricultural Method Statement.

Arboricultural Guidance Sheets